Pfirti (Austrian word for "Hi!", "Bye!" and "Greetings!") came to live with me in Vienna in 2003 and accompanied me everywhere for nearly 2 years. His best friend Mirti lived with my favorite nephew Wannes in Belgium (3-5 years old at the time). Pfirti would keep Mirti updated on his life and adventures in a picture on a weekly updated website, and vice versa. Now Pfirti lives with Wannes and Mirti with me. They both still travel.
So Now You Know His Name!
Found Two Rabbits in the Plant
One of Them is Leaving for Belgium to Live with Wannes
Time for Goodbyes
Pfirti Joins Mirti to the Bus
Off Mirti Goes
Relaxing in MuseumsQuartier
Pfirti's a Social Being
He Thinks a Lot
Friends Love Pfirti
Or Find Him Strange
Or Find Him Edible
He Likes To Go Out
Likes Treehouses
And Wide Views
And Insects (Not Too Long Legs)
And Kinderpunsch
Pfirti Misses Mirti
Nothing Can Replace Mirti, Not Even An Edible Easter Bunny
Pfirti Makes It Clear He Wants To Join Me On Far Trips
As A RabbitMouse He's Irreplacable
So He Joins Me To Far Places With Telescopes
And Dassies
And To Faraway Conferences
And To Belgium
To Reunite For A While
And Dig Holes Together
And Ride
And Invent A Way To Stay In Touch
Off To The Black Beach Of La Palma
Watch The Vienna Marathon
Or The Eurosong Contest
Pfirti Is Brave
Very Brave
Knight Pfirti
Use The PfirtiPhone To Call Mirti
And Invite Him To A Trip In The Mountains
After Getting Back To Belgium, Mirti Becomes Alcoholic
Also Pfirti Goes Downhill
He Seems Traumatized
Things Have Been Better
What's Wrong With Pfirti?
He Must Get Back To Normal
New Running Shoes
Let's Involve Him In Pfisbee!
Or Take Him To The Pool
Pfirti's Caught A Cold From Swimming
Test Our Retarded Webcam
Pfirti Gets Wild About Astronomy
He Wants To Study The Sun
A Transit Is A Good Start
And Then: Closer!
He Also Gets Into Art
And Installation Art
Meanwhile, Mirti ...
2007: Mirti'sBack! In Vienna!